The Niche Team

Natasha Te Tomo

​I started out my working experience at niche, now I'm the owner. My passion for this business shows through my constant dedication and drive ensuring my clients have been achieving the results they desire. I am an extremely passionate therapist who strives for perfection in every treatment I do. I take great satisfaction in helping my clients feel relaxed and rejuvenated and constantly strive to achieve the best possible outcome. As with all our therapist we strive to ensure our knowledge is up to speed with all the latest and greatest out there, but sticking to our philosophy here at niche. I am here to help with any concerns you might have and always have an ear to listen and to any and everything you might want to chat about.


Jenny Pycraft

I am a very down to earth, friendly, perfectionist who is a research fanatic with a bubbly attitude and an empathetic soul. Not only I am beauty therapist but I decided to complete a Diploma in Nutritional Science so that I can help to address both, internal contributing factors as well as external skin concerns. While training I developed a huge interest in preserving skin and the concept of anti-aging. My interests grew further when working with clients, as it has lead me to discover a much wider range of long term skin conditions, often with huge implications.I have always been passionate about helping people to look and feel amazing. 


Tamara Hilbrecht

The original niche therapist! Tamara is here to consult and help our clients achieve the very best in results. Her other focus is staff training and bringing in new and innovate technology, ensuring our clients have all the latest science has to offer in the beauty and skin industry. Her passion is training, and our staff is her top priority, which in turn means you are too. Over 12 years experience, specializing in body correction and skin with international experience, so she knows her stuff.